NeuX Technologies Moves its Corporate Office to the Embarc Collective

Take a look at our new corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida

Embarc Collective is a state-of-the-art facility that enables companies to build, collaborate, network, and scale their business. Embarc’s 32,000 square foot space is designed for the specific needs of high-growth technology companies and is one of the most robust entrepreneurial hubs in the country.

NeuX Technologies is a leading provider of technology that has a profound neuromuscular effect on the body eliminating chronic pain and optimizing human performance. NeuX was accepted into the Embarc Collective in June, and we moved our corporate office to the Embarc in August.

We are building a premier education and training foundation, of which Embarc Collective will play a major role with their high-tech classrooms and event spaces that can host 250+ guests. Our membership in the Embarc includes access to world class advisors who are already enhancing multiple aspects of our business. Additional benefits include access to a podcast studio as well as local and national networking.

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