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We match the best technology with a team of experts to ensure our customers can depend on NeuX at every step in the process.

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Scott Minniear


With 40 years in the healthcare industry, Scott leads NeuX with various senior management roles under his belt. As a lifetime entrepreneur, he founded MetaCon, Inc, which consolidated the contracting process and purchasing for hundreds of hospitals nationwide.

Dan Dixon

Senior Vice President

As a former University of Oklahoma and Northwestern Collegiate football player, Dan brings his extensive network of contacts, including coaches, team owners, and athletes to the NeuX team. He has entrepreneurial, managerial, and fundraising experience.

John Kubel

VP of Engineering

John has held senior positions with Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Addicere Therapeutics, Boston Scientific, Alexza Pharmaceuticals and Acuson. He brings this experience to NeuX, overseeing product development and supply chain.

Dr. John Pecora

VP, Business Development

Dr. Pecora is a Sports Chiropractic Specialist and a graduate from Southern California University of Health Sciences. Dr. Pecora has worked with athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, PGA, WSL/ASP, AVP, X Games, as well as Olympic and Collegiate athletes.

Dr. Tim Brown

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Brown is a foremost expert and ground-breaking leader in innovative performance and therapeutic technology. Dr. Brown created the latest evolution in functional performance apparel with IntelliSkin and he holds multiple patents in the world of pioneering design and sports medicine.

Vance McMurry

Director of Sales

As a West Point graduate, Vance served in multiple Airborne Divisions and at the White House. For the last 15 years, he helped clients implement new tech, manage costs and win cases. Mr. McMurry leads NeuX's work with law enforcement and the military.

Harold Hill

Director, Corporate Accounts

Harold is a retired Special Forces Medic with a broad breadth of experience across the military and the private sectors, from physical rehabilitation to human performance, in leading organizational strategy and business development.

Dr. Angela Gagliardi

Medical Advisor

Angela serves the Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the New York State Athletic Commission. She is board certified in Pediatrics, Sports Medicine, Pediatric Sports Medicine and Ringside Medicine.

Scientific Advisory Board

Jon Mogford, PhD

Serving as the Vice Chancellor for Research for Texas A&M, Dr. Mogford provides research & development leadership to the system’s eleven universities & seven state agencies encompassing 30,000 faculty, 135,000 students, and a budget of more than $4 billion.

Joe Hitt, PhD

The Co-Founder & CEO for GoX Studio, Co-Founder & COO for Fit Scientific & the Executive Director for Wearable Robotics Association, Dr. Hitt is recognized nationally as an expert in wearable robotic technologies and human systems.

Business Advisory Board

Fred Beyerlein

As Managing Director of FGB Technologies, Fred has extensive experience in early stage enterprise development, market strategy, financial systems, overall business strategy & M&A activities.

Ed Sabin

As a global financial executive, Ed has a solid track record of leading results-driven business expansion & investor valuation growth. Ed is COO at Southern Implants North America, Inc., Principal of Delta G Ventures & Sabin Associates.

Jon Podany

As a Partner at CampusLore and former CEO/CRO/CME of organizations like the Arnold Palmer Enterprises, PGA and LPGA, Jon is a seasoned executive with a proven record of consistently delivering results and leading teams with experience in all “commercial” aspects of the sports industry.

Scott H. Filstrup

As the President of The Consultants Limited, an Energy & Financial Advisor to private equity firms & a member of the International Innovation Energy Task Force, Scott has held executive positions with The Williams Companies, Monsanto Company, and MAPCO, Inc.

Why our clients can’t get enough.

X-celerate movement

Justin Rippy

• Founder of Velocity Supercharge
• Trains Multiple 1st Round MLB Players

In 15 years of coaching and developing athletes, I've yet to come across a tool as powerful as the NXPro when it comes to keeping my athletes healthy. I use it almost daily to keep my guys loose and explosive, and most importantly, feeling energized. The technology in the NXPro fills in the gaps where others fail, and really opens up the potential for elite level performance.

X-celerate outcomes

Dr. Mihnea Dumitrescu, MD

• Precision Regenerative and Functional Medicine - Austin, TX

Our medical practice has spent 10+ years building and refining a therapeutic approach to spinal and musculoskeletal / sports injuries... the incorporation of the NXPro and Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) into our treatment plans has been a game changer.  It not only allowed us to keep the rehabilitation/fitness/exercise part of our algorithms in-house, but it also sped up the recovery for most of our patients...

X-celerate performance

Justin Lange

• MLB Pitcher
• San Diego Padres 1st round draft pick in 2020

Scouts questioned whether I’d be able to sustain my performance without injuries, because I throw so hard. My response is…I’m not worried about it, because I prepare for the rigor of sport with my diet, training, and I use the NXPro. I use the device before and after games…and sometimes during workouts and practices... The NXPro is an exciting technology...