A new level of human performance,
quickly heal injuries, and
treat chronic pain.

NeuX is optimizing the human condition.

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Our technology is a vital advancement for rehab professionals & strength training.

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Reduce pain & prevent injuries

image of someone attaching an electrode to an athletes leg.

Optimize human performance

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Congratulations to  Whitney Jones who won the Fitness Olympia title!

Congratulations to Brandon Curry who has won a first place and two second place finishes in the last three consecutive years in the Mr. Olympia competitions!

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Designed by experts, clinicians, and trainers, the NxPro is our premier product.

Tailored for health professionals, the NXPro is the tip of the iceberg. We’re committed to revolutionizing the capacity of the human body by putting our technology directly in the hands of the consumer.

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Why our clients can’t get enough.

Xcelerate movement

Justin Rippy

Founder of Velocity Supercharge
Trains Multiple 1st Round MLB Players
"In 15 years of coaching and developing athletes, I've yet to come across a tool as powerful as the NXPro when it comes to keeping my athletes healthy. I use it almost daily to keep my guys loose and explosive, and most importantly, feeling energized. The technology in the NXPro fills in the gaps where others fail, and really opens up the potential for elite level performance."

Xcelerate outcomes

Dr. Mihnea
Dumitrescu, MD

Precision Regenerative and
Functional Medicine - Austin, TX
"Our medical practice has spent 10+ years building and refining a therapeutic approach to spinal and musculoskeletal / sports injuries... the incorporation of the NXPro and Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) into our treatment plans has been a game changer.  It not only allowed us to keep the rehabilitation/fitness/exercise part of our algorithms in-house, but it also sped up the recovery for most of our patients... "

Xcelerate perfomance

Justin Lange

MLB Pitcher
San Diego Padres 1st round draft pick 2020
"Scouts questioned whether I’d be able to sustain my performance without injuries, because I throw so hard. My response is…I’m not worried about it, because I prepare for the rigor of sport with my diet, training, and I use the NXPro. I use the device before and after games…and sometimes during workouts and practices... The NXPro is an exciting technology..."

It’s time to end chronic pain, once and for all.

Calling all clinicians, trainers, and physical therapists. If you’re interested in working with NeuX, we’d love to hear from you.

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