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At NeuX Technologies we are developing technologies and solutions with the goal of enabling people of all ages to live a more active lifestyle, free of pain, injury, restricted range of motion and drug dependency. Our vision is to make our life-changing technology and solutions ubiquitous and affordable for everyone who is not living their lives to the fullest due to a Musculoskeletal Condition.

Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation

Musculoskeletal Pain, Injuries and Restricted Range of Motion

Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) is a unique summing of two waveforms. A high frequency alternating current waveform and a lower frequency pulsed direct current waveform. The outcome is a much smoother, more refined stimulus that is more effective than devices that use only pulsed direct current that can have a choppy, biting stimulus. INS can stop the vicious cycle of neuromuscular deficiencies by first being able to search the body and identify not only the area of detectable dysfunction, but also undetectable and distant areas of dysfunctional tissue. The pain that is presenting is known as referred pain, and if treated alone without identification and treatment of the root cause the relief will only be temporary. It is imperative that the root cause be located in order to achieve successful rehabilitation throughout the entire kinetic chain. The INS technology innervates muscle tissue in the area of dysfunction and under dynamic action with the INS stimulus, the individual muscle at the root cause of the pain can be identified.

The INS technology can overcome the inhibition of the identified dysfunctional muscle, enabling the muscle cell membrane potential to return to normal, thus allowing the muscle spasm to finally release and once again contract effectively. Meanwhile, the sensory nerve no longer detects pain, and so it allows the muscle to function properly. The smooth muscle cells of the capillaries also respond to the treatment and will lengthen and relax. This allows for vasodilation, restoration of blood flow to the injured area, and enhances rehabilitation and healing.

To completely break the vicious neuromuscular deficiency cycle, not only does the dysfunctional tissue need to be released from spasm, but a new motor pattern must be practiced and repeated over time to replace the faulty compensatory pattern, and restore the proper movement pattern as the default. The protocol is for the INS stimulus to be applied to the targeted dysfunctional muscles and associated nerves during the rehabilitative exercises to re-train and restore optimal muscle range of contraction. The patient benefits from the traditional outcomes of physical therapy, which include muscle strengthening, increased range of motion and motor learning; however, with Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation, better results are achieved exponentially faster and with longer lasting effects.


 Fitness and Human Performance

Using Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) during athletic/fitness training instantly increases the amount of nervous system neurotransmitters being used to perform. This translates to the user performing at their true maximum capability. The INS technology activates 100% of the user’s nervous system and places it under the maximum tolerable stress from the first repetition.

INS creates a balance on both ends of the contraction, from the lengthening of a muscle back to neutral and/or shortening. By enabling the muscle to maximally lengthen, the subsequent concentric contraction is more forceful. INS has a performance enhancing effect on eccentric contractions; this in turn enhances subsequent contractions of any type.

The INS technology physically opens nervous system pathways, increases muscle strength and endurance, which elevates the user’s capabilities to their true maximum potential achieving their ultimate goals quicker with less wear and tear on the body, while performing at a consistently optimal level. The NXPro, which incorporates the INS technology, can also be used to enhance dynamic active warmups to prevent injuries and Xcelerate the recovery process avoiding training fatigue and muscle soreness. With the mobility of the NXPro (weighs less than 4lbs), it can easily be integrated into the current training regimen wherever it takes place.

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