The NXPro packs a lot of power into a compact device.

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Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation

State of the art technology

An easy-to-read touchscreen allows you to easily start and stop the stimulus, while being able to read the intensity at a distance.

Highly customizable

From multiple operation modes to countless frequency and stimulus adjustments, the NXPro is ready for any scenario.

Portable with a flexible kickstand

Weighing only 3.6lbs, the NXPro is perfect for travel. The kickstand can be adjusted for multiple uses, including as a handle.

Download the NXPro BrochureWhy Choose the NXPro?

The NXPro is cleared by the FDA as an over-the-counter device for muscle conditioning, which means anyone can buy and use this device on themselves or others.

The NXPro is not a prescription power muscle stimulator. Prescription power muscle stimulators can only be used by a physician, licensed medical personnel, or a patient directly under the care of a licensed clinician. If you are not sure of the restricted uses of a device that you are considering for purchase, look at the label on the back of the device. By law, prescription devices must include language stating who can buy and use a Power Muscle Stimulator, such as the following:  This equipment is for the use of qualified medical personnel only: If you are not a clinician, you cannot use a device with the above warning on anyone and can only use it on yourself if you are under the direct care of a licensed clinician.

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