NeuX Supports Athletes in Professional Baseball

Congrats to everyone who participated in this year's World Series

Athletes use NeuX Technologies’ Interactive Neuromuscular System in a myriad of ways including: warm-up, recovery, injury rehabilitation, and maximizing their athletic performance. In particular, the NXPro has found a niche with MLB pitchers.

Justin Lange

Justin Lange, a 2020 MLB first round pick with the New York Yankees, incorporated the NeuX NXPro during his unlikely rise from unknown high school prospect to a first-rounder 12 months later.  In high school, Justin had a 102 mph max fastball and a 6.2 60 yard dash. Justin’s fastball improved by 12 mph and he gained 50 pounds of muscle in just 12 months training with The Velocity Supercharge and incorporating the NXPro into his routine. On his use of the NXPro, Justin comments, "Scouts questioned whether I’d be able to sustain my performance without injuries, because I throw so hard. My response is…I’m not worried about it, because I prepare for the rigor of sport with my diet, training, and I use the NXPro. I use the device before and after games…and sometimes during workouts and practices.”  

Aaron Sanchez

Aaron Sanchez, a 2010 MLB first round pick with the Toronto Blue Jays and named to the 2016 All-Star Game. He currently plays for the Minnesota Twins. After having anterior capsule shoulder surgery in 2019, Aaron commented, “For being healthy for the first time in years, the NXPro is my daily go-to ritual to keep me healthy.”

Tyson Ross

Tyson Ross has also been incorporating NeuX’s NXPro into his routine on his quest to make his return to Major League baseball. Tyson was drafted in 2008 in the 2nd round of the MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics.  Tyson sustained a career threatening injury in 2016 and has been using Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation in hopes of strengthening the tissue surrounding that injury.  He has enjoyed a prolific baseball career and was an MLB All Star in 2014.

NeuX would like to congratulate all of the athletes and organizations who participated in this year's World Series and wish everyone good luck as they prepare for next year's hunt for the ultimate prize during the off-season.

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