NeuX demonstrates the NXPro at A4M

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) Conference was held in Las Vegas December 9 - 11, 2022

American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) A4M Longevity Fest is the largest cutting-edge anti-aging event. Longevity Fest brings together some of the brightest thought leaders in the industry. The purpose of this event is to revolutionize how to practice preventive and longevity medicine. 

A4M was founded in 1992 by Dr. Ronald Klatz and Dr. Robert Goldman, A4M is rooted in a forward-focused mission to redefine modern medicine. Peter Diamandis was the keynote speaker for this event. Peter is the chairman and CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation. The XPRIZE Foundation exists to facilitate change and benefit humanity. 

This conference is packed full of the most cutting-edge products and technologies. The NeuX team had an incredible time sharing the NXPro with Doctors and Clinicians from across the country. It was clear that our Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) Technology was by far the best technology of its kind at this event. We opened a lot of practitioner’s eyes to what this technology is capable of and how it can help benefit their patients.

Having fun at A4M

Experiencing the benefits of the NXPro

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