Joy Muliplier

A Thanksgiving Message from NeuX

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude and connection. Did you know both gratitude and connection have positive benefits to your health? Both have been heavily researched in the field of psychology and have shown to aid in reducing depression, increasing vitality, improving wellbeing, and can even improve sleep when practiced regularly. 

While we would suggest our Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) technology can have a positive impact on both neuromuscular and mental wellness, today we are suggesting something you can do without our INS technology (or in addition to). This daily strategy is simple, yet can be easily missed if you are not paying attention.

It is easy to acknowledge there are benefits to feeling grateful and connected, after all they both feel good to experience. However, what you may not know is how to elicit and maximize these experiences. There are many micro moments throughout our day to seek these experiences of gratitude and connection. It can happen anytime with anyone. How often do you actively leverage these micro moments? The truth is we are often distracted, focused on the stressors of our day, or so caught up in our routines that we often miss just how many chances we have to improve our health with these simple strategies. 

When people are asked “what makes for strong relationships?” the most common answer is “when someone is there for me during hard times.” While this is certainly an important component for a strong relationship, it is not the most critical factor. Research shows that the best way to forge deep relationships is by being there in someone’s joy. In other words, to actively and constructively respond, which we call Joy Multiplying.

Now, this doesn’t mean offering a passive “that’s nice” or “I’m happy for you”. This is not enough. In order to multiply someone's joy, it means to really be present with them, asking a few inquiring questions, such as “what about that moment brought you joy?” or “what was the best part about that for you?” It makes no difference how big or small the news is, anything even moderately good will suffice to practice this easy yet powerful skill. You know you have done it right if the person lights up and walks away feeling even better than when they first told you. Those inquiring questions will allow them to relive the emotions of that experience which initiate a cascade of beneficial chemicals in the brain and body. 

You will notice a boost too. When you share in this joyful moment you also get those same feel good benefits - increased wellbeing, increased dopamine and oxytocin release, increased relaxation and connection. Not only are you growing that relationship in that small moment, but you also are improving both you and your loved ones’ health. 

We encourage you during this time of thanks, to go a step further. Instead of asking the common greeting of “how are you?” challenge yourself to initiate some good news with “tell me something good.” See what interesting news you receive. Be present, ask a few questions, and see how joyful you become. 

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