Dr. Katherine Melot and NeuX Technologies Join Forces to Defeat Diastasis

Meet Dr. Melot

NeuX Technologies is excited to announce a collaboration with Dr. Katherine Melot, the creator of the Defeat Diastasis Program. Diastasis is a condition that primarily affects women, specifically eight out of ten during their first year postpartum. Symptoms may include chronic lower back pain, pelvic floor leakage, constipation and a visible bulge that protrudes just below or above the belly button. Conventional physical therapies may help some females; however, many are left with no solution other than surgical intervention to properly address this condition. Now, women have the option to heal their condition, without surgery, and in less time with greater success than traditional physical therapy.

Dr. Melot has developed protocols using NeuX’s Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation technology to successfully address diastasis, without surgical intervention. She has helped hundreds of women find new hope and finally reclaim their bodies. Even women that have suffered from diastasis for over 20 years can find successful resolution in a matter of weeks.

Dr Melot’s Defeat Diastasis course will soon be available on NeuX Technologies education platform! This is a turnkey program for any clinician interested in helping to heal diastasis quickly.

We recently interviewed Dr Melot to get more details about what clinicians can expect in this program.

NeuX: How quickly are patients able to see results from your program?

Dr. Melot: We have set our program at 8 weeks as that has shown to be the ideal length to experience the benefits. I have one patient who, prior to coming to us, had been through six different programs claiming to help, but she still had all the same symptoms. In my program she had complete resolution of all her symptoms in just 8 weeks with total closure in 24 weeks. It is truly remarkable to be able to offer results and restore hope for so many people.

Dr. Melot gives our own Meg Foley a demonstration of how she uses the NXPro in her practice.

NeuX: How much experience does a clinician need to implement your program into their practice?

Dr. Melot: This program is designed to be a turnkey offering for clinicians. You do not need prior experience with the technology or diastasis. This program can also be implemented by an assistant technician and overseen by the clinician, which allows you as the clinician to generate more revenue in less time and at the same time serve even more patients.

NeuX: How has Interactive NeuromuscularStimulation (INS) changed your practice?

Dr. Melot: With Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation we are able to provide better results faster and our patients stay engaged because they see and feel the difference in such a short amount of time. This technology has catapulted my business. We started with just one office and one INS device, and we now have three offices and five INS devices in less than a year. This program is unlike anything out there and has allowed us to impact hundreds of patients and this technology is a pivotal piece of that.

NeuX is pleased to have Dr. Melot’s life changing course be the first of our specialty course offerings. Stay tuned for more to come on the official launch of Defeat Diastasis powered by NeuX.

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