The NXPro is coming in relief for the 2023 MLB Spring Training Season

Zach Ray is using Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) technology with MLB pitchers of the Cactus League to aid in recovery and performance.

Grab a hot dog, some popcorn, and a seat behind the plate…Baseball is back! The MLB players reported to their Spring Training camps in Arizona and Florida beginning February 13th and will continue to train through March 28th, just two days before Opening Day. 

The season kick-started with two Cactus League matchups: Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals and Seattle Mariners vs. San Diego Padres on Feb. 24th. All thirty ball clubs in the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues put cleats to dirt the following day. This spring season is the first full schedule of games to be played since 2020.

Zach Ray PT, DPT, SCS with NeuX Technologies is attending Spring Training in Arizona to work with the Cactus League pitchers using the innovative NXPro neuromuscular stimulator. The Cactus League plays a total of 71 games, which is a tremendous amount of wear and tear on a pitcher’s arm before regular season play. Using NeuX Technologies' Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) technology, Zach will be working with pitchers to improve their post-throw recovery, shorten their recovery time by as much as 50%, and optimize their neural patterning to reduce injury.

Optimal, sustained recovery addresses the entire body: muscles, nervous system, and the brain. Pitchers that use INS technology will be able to achieve complete muscle activation, decreased muscle soreness and overall stiffness. The mental state and proper sleep of a pitcher is just as vital as their physical activation and recovery. Over-activated beta brainwaves in a pitcher post-game can trigger stress, anxiety, restless sleep, and an overall poor level of recovery. A 30-minute application of Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation results in a decrease in beta brainwaves and significant increase in alpha brainwaves, which puts the body in a calm, restorative state.

Every play in baseball starts with the pitcher. The NXPro is taking the pitchers’ health and recovery into its hands, so the ball can be in theirs. 

NeuX: How does INS improve recovery times?

Zach: INS technology primes the neurological system which aids in blood flow. The result is a flushing of muscle wastes which allows for more efficient neuromuscular responses as well as restoring proper mobility ratios.

NeuX: When should a pitcher utilize INS and the NXPro?

Zach: Pitchers should use the NXPro as a recovery device post-throw to speed up the tissue regeneration in preparation for their next outing.

NeuX: Can INS help with velocity?

Zach: Yes! But different from weighted ball programs or other trending programs. INS technology has the ability to neural optimize your muscles and remove latent areas and/or compensations. This means more muscles will be active for both force production and force absorption. Both are critical aspects to producing top end velocity.

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